Promin Social Media is a consulting firm that creates and leads powerful social media campaigns that will intelligently rocket your traffic, promote your brand.

Our goal is to build, maintain and increase an active community that will react quickly to the latest trends and news related to your products and services.

Promin Social Media Campaigns aimed to increase the community’s interest for the offered products and services. Social Media
Analyzing the KPIs for each campaign in order to see what are the main factors that the community’s members are reacting to.

Optimizing the quality of the offered products and services by analyzing the members’s feedback.


Our Services are simple and straight forward.

We build your community by going after targeted user Groups,
We invite these users to join your page or participate to a game/quiz campaign we have built for your brand.
We manage, monitor and maintain the community.
We commit to fix goals and offer money back guarantee.

Contact Us today and tell us about your Brand and Goals you would like to see us achieve.